Reclaiming my website

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After two years of pandemic and all the crazy that has gone with it, I’m finally in a place personally and pastorally where I have the energy and desire to return to maintaining a blog & website. Things should start looking a little more lively around these parts as I start posting regularly.[footnote]How regularly? Who knows! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ We’ll have to see how that goes[/footnote] It’s been long enough that I find I am unfamiliar with my own WordPress installation & layout.

One of these ought to help out clean things up…. or at least be good for a Quidditch match?

On that note – expect some changes around here. Boy, is this dusty old theme kind of bland! As I poked under the hood, I realized that the previous theme was the WordPress default theme….from 2016. I’ve moved to a more modern theme, but haven’t even cracked the seal on all the things that change unlocks. In addition to, you know, content, I’d like to have some color, pictures, and generally make this more than a monochrome affair.

Unfortunately, priesthood is quite literally a monochrome affair, so the learning curve is looking a bit steep 🙄

As for content, I’m holding myself to a writing schedule of every single day. That doesn’t mean there will be posts every single day, but I hope to build up enough content that I can produce something interesting, edifying, or at least mildly entertaining several times a week. A lot will depend on how well this gels with my full-time pastoral work. As it says on the tin, this site is a product of my free time! But I’m optimistic.

Finally, you’ll notice that I’ve got some dropdown menus that seem to indicate categories of posts. For now, that’s purely aspiration, but the goal is to slowly start posting reflections & recommendations in those various areas. Like so many, this last two years has (re)ignited an interest in a number of different mediums and sources of edification & entertainment. Especially since I get asked for recommendations of various kinds as a priest, it seems to me that it could be useful – at least to me! – to start putting together my own lists & thoughts.

Alright, that’s enough from me for now. In your kindness, say a prayer for this effort and for me. And God bless you for taking the time to stop by my (slightly less dusty) corner of the internet.